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12th July 2009
The Hong Kong Open

The Inaugural Hong Kong Open was held successfully in Hong Kong today. 14 artistic and cycle-ball event were organized. The Hong Kong riders won 12 artistic events and broke 6 Hong Kong records.

Sam Yu and Lo Ting Hin recovered from yesterday's loss in the Pair event of the Asian Championships and headed up again. They captured the gold medal by beating their teammate pair Yu Pok Man and Ip Hin Bon, and broke the Hong Kong and Asian records as well. Sam also took a successful revenge to Wong Hang Cheong of Macau in single event, Wong won gold medal in yesterday's Asian Championships. Ho Wing Tai and Lo Man Fai could not keep up their effort of winning yesterday's cycle-ball event. Japan gave them a strong battle and made 4 vs 4 in the match, and Hong Kong lost the battled of 5 vs 6 as Japan scored two goals in the additional time.

The Asian Championships and HK open were the warm-up events for the East Asian Games. The Hong Kong Team could not fully dominate the two-day events. It is anticipated that there will be a fierce competition at the East Asian Games.

Result for Hong Kong Open 2009 - Artistic Cycling / Cycle Ball

11th July 2009
The 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships

The 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships was held successfully in Hong Kong today.

Four new records were broken out of the seven disciplines. Hong Kong Team reaped a fruitful result of 5 gold, five silver and two bronze medals. Four new Asian records of artistic cycling were made. Hong Kong Cycle-ball Team beat Japan of 6 vs 0 in capturing the gold medal.

Result for 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships - Artistic Cycling / Cycle Ball

10th July 2009
The Hong Kong Team of full gear is marching for the 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships

The Hong Kong Artistic Team is aiming at clinching 5 gold medals for the 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships. This is only not the warm up event of the World Championships in October, but also the East Asian Games in December. The 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championhips cum Hong Kong Open Championships will be staged in the Chai Wan Sports Centre on July 11-12, 2009.

Alfred Li, Chairman of the Organizing Committee said, "We are on the rotation term to host the Championship this year, and will also stage the East Asian Games in the end of the year. We will put in full effort in organizing both events. This will certainly enrich the major event calendar and demonstrate our leading role in the Asian Indoor Cycling Arena."

Teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Japan together with our home team will compete in six disciplines of Men's and Women's artistic cycling events on July 11. The rest of 14 disciplines and cycle ball events will be held on July 12. Philippines will also send delegates as observer of the events for the first time.

Hong Kong Team Coach Betsy Ho added, 'World Ranking No.5 Sam Yu and his pair-event partner Lo will head up the Men's Team. Another two strong riders are Wong Chin To and James Ip. Wong is crowned as the most promising rising star of his exceptional performance in last year's World Championships. Ip also shows he is the most talented rider recently. Both of them are also the "hopes" of the Hong Kong Team in the coming World Championships. New Women's pair Mui Ho Yee and Wong Man Yin will take the advantage of the home venue to capture a colourful medal.

The Championships will be curtained up in the Chai Wan Sports Centre on July 11 at 11am, Opening Ceremony will be held at 2:30pm. Free admission for public.
8th July 2009
The Hong Kong Cycling Association is going to host the 10th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships cum Hong Kong Open 2009 in the Chai Wan Sports Centre on July 11-12, 2009. Teams from Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong will compete in the events.

The Hong Kong Artistic Cycling and Cycle-ball teams always achieve remarkable results in the Championships. They clinched a basket of 4 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze medals last year, which demonstrated superb performance in the indoor cycling arena.
This annual championships is also positioned as the warm up event of the East Asian Games 2009. The Hong Kong Team of full gear is aiming at giving all foreign teams a strong battle. Below is the list of the members:

Team Manager Alfred C.Y. LI
Vice Team Manager Chan Pak Cheung
Cycle-ball Coach Cheng Fu Chi
Artistic Coach Ho Shui Man Betsy
Cycle-ball Ho Wing Tai
Lo Man Fai
Substitute Chui Chun To
Mak Wing Sun
Artistic Cycling
Single Men Wong Chin To
Ip Hin Bon
Single Women Tsang Yu Sum
Wong Man Yin
Single Junior Men Li Long Yin
Lau Wang Hin
Single Junior Women Wong Yuen Man
Cheng Yuet Yee
Pair Men Yu Sum Yee
Lo Ting Hin
Yu Pok Man
Ip Hin Bon
Pair Women Mui Ho Yee
Wong Man Yin
Wong Hiu Shuen
So Ka Man

Media are welcome for covering, and all public are welcome for visiting the event. For details, please visit our website http://asian09.hk-icycling.net

18th June 2009
Grand Opening of Event website

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